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Spring Hills Bandana
Sam & Nala

Spring Hills Bandana

$16.00 USD

This fabric exhibits a movement that transports you to the time, in early spring, when rain transforms the hills from golden browns and yellows to lush greens. "This fabric was woven in Totonicapán, which is located in the Western Highlands of Guatemala and has a population composed largely of K’iche’ Maya. Totonicapán is distinguished by its extensive oak-pine forests, in addition to its artisans which includes not only weavers but also shoemakers, tinsmiths, potters, leatherworkers, and carpenters. Using a traditional wooden pedal loom, Roberto Par’ and his team of neighbors and family start with 100% cotton, use dye to create their thread colors, and then weave it into this joyful fabric! "

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