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“Set Sail” Medium Zipper
“Set Sail” Medium Zipper
“Set Sail” Medium Zipper
“Set Sail” Medium Zipper
Hi Love Travel

“Set Sail” Medium Zipper

$46.00 USD

Whether sailing the ocean seas or enjoying lake life, this myriad of boats pattern was designed for you! Encompassing most every type of floating water vessel there is…from mega yachts to motor yachts, sail boats to catamarans, day boats to jet skis, this one will make yours or a loved one's life on the water more festive and protective from the splish and splash.

HI LOVE Insider:  Fold it in half and use as a chic fold-over clutch for day or night OR turn it into a large wristlet with our clip on wrist straps that can be mixed and matched with any Medium Pack!

*Wrist Straps Sold Separately!*

  • Functional, lightweight, and versatile fashion
  • Featuring an interior zipper pocket for added organization
  • Protect your items from unwanted moisture and spills with our water-resistant packs, made from a unique material that is super soft to the touch
  • It’s the everyday go-to bag for on the go travelers, fitness enthusiasts, and fashion lovers alike
  • Popular uses: toiletries + wet bathing suits + sweaty gym clothes + packaged snacks + office supplies + electronic chargers + children’s small toys + diapers + wipes and more
  • Measurements: 11” x 9”

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