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No. 078 Velda Bandana
Hemlock Goods

No. 078 Velda Bandana

$17.00 USD

Meet No. 078 Velda. The queen of crafty family heirlooms. She's an artist through and through, finding inspiration everywhere and she can make anything you throw her way. But most of all she's generous. You like that quilt? You're taking it home. She's already working on two more anyway. Color and Pattern: Green and blue with white flowers in a quilt pattern Material: 100% premium cotton Sizing: 22x22 inches Designed in the U.S. Hand screen-printed in India Bandanas can be used in so many different ways! Use it as a handkerchief on hikes, wear it in your hair or on your clothes to spice up an outfit, tie it around your pup's neck to make them look dashing! Have fun with it!

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