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Devils River Hat
Sendero Provisions Company

Devils River Hat

$30.00 USD

Deep in the blistering Tejas desert, somewhere between the yuccas and scorpions, winds a river so harsh they named it after the Devil himself. The history of the Devils River is long and storied. The hillsides are riddled with petroglyphs of indigenous peoples. Spanish explorers traversed the jagged landscape in search of fortune and glory. Epic battles between regiments of The Republic and the Comanche were waged from its banks. The Texas Rangers pursued infamous outlaws in the caves that line the cliffs. And today, mega-ranch owners wage war, both political and literal, against many an adventure seeking paddler just looking for smallmouth bass heaven. Cotton Canvas Meshback Structured Mid-Profile 6 Panel Woven Patch Easy Curve Visor Snapback Braided Rope Rear Agave Tag Classic Sendero Label One size fit all. Color - Green/White. A portion of the proceeds from this provision supports American Rivers & Western Rivers Conservancy.

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