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Cactus Rattler Hat
Sendero Provisions Company

Cactus Rattler Hat

$29.00 USD

Two iconic images of the Southwest - the prickly pear cactus and the rattlesnake. Both are tough, mean, and built for survival. Together, there is no greater symbol of bad attitude. *In addition to looking tough and keeping the sun away, the Cactus Rattler Hat can be used by enterprising individuals to charm various species of snakes. Here’s how: throw the hat over the snake’s head and then sing it a sweet tune (anything by Celine Dion works great, avoid Justin Bieber at all costs). Once hypnotized, we recommend putting your hat back on, starting a campfire, and enjoying a delicious snake taco or two. Fantasized. Do not actually use the Cactus Rattler to charm snakes. Cotton Canvas. Embroidered Patch. Low-Profile 6 Panel. Snapback. Semi-Curved Visor. Rear Agave Tag. Classic Sendero Label. One Size Fit All.

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