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Ancient Traditions Ritual Cacao
Ancient Traditions Ritual Cacao
Ancient Traditions Ritual Cacao
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Ancient Traditions Ritual Cacao

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“The Cacaosphere: The mysterious realm where Heaven and Earth meet…in the Heart" ~ David Wolf

“Cacao is a sacred plant medicine, a powerful facilitator, and guide for inner work. Cacao teaches ancient practices of Unity, Love, and Understanding and allows a deep connection with yourself and others. Cacao serves as an agent of worlds - a Rainbow Medicine. The Spirit of Cacao is pure joy; it calibrates the cells, activates deep interaction within, and connects the dots. Cacao opens the gate to spiritual realms. We are invited to align with our heart, intuition, higher self, and the Divine. Cacao balances the brain hemispheres, and the feminine & masculine dance within. A door-opener to the subtle energy bodies, it corrects the imbalance between the mind and the heart, allowing the heart to open fully to feel compassion, joy, and unconditional love. Having been used traditionally as a sacred plant medicine to open the heart and enter spiritual realms, the Spirit of Cacao is a keeper of ancient, sacred wisdom.” ~CacaoMama/Serap

Cacao has been used ceremonially for thousands of years by the indigenous tribes of Central America. Cacao was considered to be the 'Food of the Gods', an association that gave rise to the scientific name of the cocoa tree, Theobroma cacao, from the Greek words Theo (God) and broma (drink). Raw cacao is rich in magnesium, iron, phenylethylamine (PEA), and flavonoids. Consuming cacao has been used to help reduce mild depression and stress levels.

Mulungu bark comes from a tree native to parts of South America and South Africa. In Brazil, Mulungu has been used as a natural sedative. The herb is said to be able to stabilize the central nervous system. In stressful times it helps to balance and calm the nerves. The herb is also used as an antioxidant; to tone, balance, and strengthen the liver. Mulungu assists in restoring balance aids in relaxation and has been used to reduce anxiety and depression. Mulungu contains over 80 compounds that are very healing for the body including alkaloids, flavonoids, and powerful antioxidants.

Cordyceps mushrooms can help to reduce fatigue and boost strength. This medicinal mushroom is high in antioxidants, has anti-inflammatory properties, contains a special type of sugar that may help treat diabetes symptoms, strengthens the lungs, helps restore health and longevity. It is believed that medicinal mushrooms, such as cordyceps, have been used in traditional healing and spiritual practices since approximately 5000BC. Cordyceps deepens the breath, rejuvenates prana (life force) & calms the mind and nervous system.

Ashwagandha is associated with Earth element and its ruling planet is the Sun. It is considered adaptogenic, aphrodisiac, immunomodulant and nervine. Ashwagandha helps bring us rejuvenation and longevity. This herb has natural calming properties and restores balance in the body. This is why the herb is called rayasana in the Ayurveda tradition, which translates to a 'herb that rejuvenates.' The enlightened rishis considered it as one of the finest herbal medicines known to man. It has been revered for thousands of years in India's Ayurvedic healing tradition. Ashwagandha has positive effects on stress, anxiety and mood while promoting a more restful sleep in the evenings. This powerful herb has a way of soothing the soul, calming the mind, nourishing the body.

Cinnamon is associated with the element of fire and its ruler is the Sun. It is used to raise Spiritual vibrations, bring success, healing, protection, personal empowerment, love, strength, and prosperity. It has been in use by humans for thousands of years—as early as 2,000 B.C. Cinnamon and Vanilla have been used throughout history as aphrodisiacs. Cinnamon is loaded with antioxidants (which protect your body from oxidative damage caused by free radicals.) It also has mild anti-inflammatory properties, may regulate blood sugar levels, and can help to clear the sinuses during the cooler months.

Vanilla is associated with water and Venus, and is commonly found in soothing, calming, personal empowerment, good luck, and love rituals. The plant is native to South and Central America and the Caribbean. The Totonacs of Veracruz, Mexico are credited as its first cultivators. The Totonacs considered vanilla a sacred herb and used it in ritual offerings, as a perfume and for medicine, but rarely as a flavoring. By the early 1400s, the Aztecs added to the mystique of vanilla by combining it with chocolate. The Aztecs considered vanilla a sacred herb in their rituals. Vanilla Bean can energetically be used for love, passion and restoring energies.

Himalayan Pink Salt was formed over 250 million years ago during the Jurassic era. It is found naturally within the Himalayan Mountains and has been considered a valuable spice for many centuries. It is one of the purest salts available to us. It is as medicine in many types of healing worldwide.

Ingredients: Raw Cacao* (Theobroma cacao), Mulungu* (Erythrina mulungu), Cordyceps* (Cordyceps sinensis, militaris), Ashwagandha* (Withania somnifera, Vanilla Bean* (Vanilla planifolia), Cinnamon* (Cinnamomum verum) & Himalayan Sea Salt

Serving: 1 tsp- 1 TBS per 8oz warmed milk of choice/milk alternative, add Raw Honey to sweeten)

The recommended method of preparation:

Heat milk of choice/milk alternative via stovetop.
Remove saucepan from heat and add your serving of Ancient Traditions Ritual Cacao.
Blend evenly with a bamboo matcha whisk or milk frother.
Pour into your mug.
Sip, meditate, and Enjoy!


*All herbal products should be stored in a cool place away from direct sunlight to preserve their nutrients, potency, and flavor.

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