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Head Regal Crested Butte Kantha
Head Regal Crested Butte Kantha
Head Regal

Head Regal Crested Butte Kantha

$425.00 USD

Our signature Vintage Kantha Full Fuzz blankets are from hand-stitched quilts from the 70’s. They set a standard where every blanket that we make is worthy of entering your life and of sharing in your story.  Whether created from vintage quilts, hand-dyed from raw material, or exclusively created with our own fabrics – what you’re wrapping around you (always backed in fuzzy wonderfulness btw) is special and created with heaps of love. 

All Head Regal blankets are dreamt up, designed and made in Los Angeles, California on both domestic and imported fabrics.  We only work with passionate artisans with ethical standards, who care as much as we do about the final design.

x machine wash delicate (natural soap)
x lay flat to dry (turn over ½ way)
x fluff low heat for a couple of minutes
x run hands back and forth over fuzz
x organic dry cleaning friendly

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